How Windows 10 IoT and Microsoft Azure can help you to build smart connected devices

Are you ready for digital transformation? With one universal app platform, one commerical-ready security model, and one deployment and management approach, Windows makes it easier to manage IoT devices and incorporate them into their strategic plan.

We have put together for you a Microsite with White Papers and E-Books about  Windows 10 IoT and Microsoft Azure, a platform to capture and analyze previously untapped data: 

Contents Overview:

  • White Paper: How device manufacturers are building a new future with smart connected devices
  • White Paper: Digital transformation with IoT: How OEMs and ISVs can lead the way
  • White Paper: Top 10 Reasons to Build Windowa 10 IoT Devices
  • E-Book: IoT in Manufacturing
  • E-Book: IoT in Retail
  • E-Book: IoT in Healthcare
  • Facts Sheet: The Internet of Things is fueling digital transformation

How device manufacturers are building a new future with smart connected devices

Device manufacturing is undergoing unprecedented transformation. OEMs now have the power—and the tools—to build IoT devices that help them escape the cost and commodity trap. Instead, by rethinking their businesses and developing next-generation strategies, they can become premium product and service providers, as well as trusted partners in simplifying complex industry processes. With Windows 10 IoT, one common platform, and Microsoft Azure, a platform to capture and analyze previously untapped data, OEMs now have the keys to the kingdom.


Digital transformation with IoT: How OEMs and ISVs can lead the way

Forget industry consultancies’ exhortation to “change or die.” For device manufacturers (OEMs) and independent software vendors (ISVs), the mandate is to “evolve and grow.” In this white paper, we describe the digital transformation business opportunity for OEMs and ISVs; discuss enterprise goals and needs; and address current industry concerns around IoT, such as device and connected business security. Ensuring end-to-end security will be critical to driving growth and earning the trust of customers purchasing IoT devices, services, and solutions.

E-Book: IoT in Manufacturing

Pervasive connectivity, combined with the declining prices of hardware, is poised to reshape the manufacturing industry and bring about the next industrial revolution many call Industry 4.0. One thing is for certain: IoT is helping manufacturers build leaner, faster, more agile businesses than ever before. But manufacturers can’t transform their businesses with drive and desire alone; they need technology and, specifically, the next generation of smart, connected devices that device manufacturers (you!) build to bring the transformation to fruition.


E-Book: IoT in Retail

The potential that IoT brings to the retail industry is exciting and will open doors for retailers to nurture a deeper level of customer engagement and personalized marketing. Things like sensor-enabled shelves and food refrigeration units collect, monitor, and deliver alerts about areas like product availability and in-store traffic.  IoT can streamline business processes to enable new efficiencies and raise the standard of customer service.


E-Book: IoT in Healthcare

Globally, healthcare facilities are spending millions of dollars on health IT systems digitizing patient information and automating clinical workflows. But that’s just scratching the surface of what’s possible. Enter the Internet of Things and a wave of next-generation devices that are helping reimagine the possibilities and create meaning from the resulting data surge. From patient wearables to diagnostic and imaging devices to complex surgical equipment, intelligent devices are connecting to each other and to other systems to build a truly connected infrastructure.

Top 10 Reasons to Build Windowa 10 IoT Devices

Use one common platform to build all your devices: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise brings the capabilities of Windows 10 Enterprise to a wide range of industry devices, runs line-of-business applications, and performs specialized functions in a security-enhanced, reliable, and streamlined way. Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise is the next generation of the leading Microsoft platform for line-of-business mobile applications built on Windows 10. Windows 10 IoT Core is optimized for smaller, lower-cost industry devices such as IoT gateways or micro-kiosks that run a single application.

The Internet of Things is fueling digital transformation

The rise of global competitive innovation from both traditional and non-traditional sources, swift technology changes, and ever-shifting consumer demands are driving transformation across all industries. Device manufacturers can thrive by evolving their business models to give customers what they need.




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