Connectivity, Security and the Industrial Internet of Things

Embedded goes IoT: Today, a wide range of connected Embedded Systems is available on the market. And the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is driving the addition of more connected devices. But not only “Connectivity” is essential to the success of the IIoT, “Security” is critical too.

To learn more about Connectivity and Security for the Industrial Internet of Things we have put together for you a Microsite with on-demand Webinars, White Papers and technical Articles.

Contents Overview:

  • Vortex II -- The Industrial IoT Connectivity Standard
  • Building Secure & Reliable IoT Devices
  • Industrial-Grade IoT Device-to-Cloud Connectivity Platform
  • Real-time Data Sharing between Medical Devices in Next Generation Healthcare Systems
  • Global wireless connectivity for IoT
  • Quick IoT connectivity from specialized development kits
  • System design enablement and verification for the IoT
  • From CE to IoT Core: Microsoft and the rise of real-time applications
  • Security portfolio gives protection from industrial and IoT threats
  • Easy-to-use embedded wireless stack for IoT
  • Addressing IoT impact on software engineering

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