Kontron to offer Embedded Cloud from a single source

Kontron together with its partner companies S&T and Ennoconn present a joint corporate strategy at embedded world. The goal of the partnership is to provide OEMs with an individual and coordinated product and service portfolio that enables them to offer their customers all tools necessary for futureproof Industry 4.0 and IIoT applications.

In IIOT and Industry 4.0 scenarios product and production data are aggregated creating relational insights. The challenge for companies here is combining data from very different sources such as CAD/product data, ERP systems and the shop floor in general. Under such circumstances, the applications of enterprise IT and OT (operational technology/production environment) eventually merge.

An embedded cloud consists of devices with different performance levels interconnected via network:

  • Industrial computer platforms for device control and gateway functions: systems such as the Kontron KBox A-202 or KBox A-103 with Intel Atom class performance. They handle measurement and control tasks on-site. For these purposes, they typically use proprietary interfaces (analog and digital) to connect to on-site peripheral devices and sensors. These devices are connected to the embedded cloud via realtime data communication (e.g. via industrial Ethernet, TSN).
  • High performance industrial computer platforms for edge and fog computing: with a typical performance of four to eight cores and a storage capacity of several terabytes (TB), systems such as the Kontron KBox C-102 series, ZINC19 family and, HPW 410 work station handle machine management including sophisticated vision systems with several GPUs.
  • Cloud server: with a typical computing performance of 16+ cores and a storage capacity in the range of 100+ TB, systems such as the Kontron CC2800 High-density Cloud Storage Server handle supervisory data coordination for a whole site.

All equipment used outside the data center (i.e. somewhere on campus) must be suited for use in an industrial environment. In addition, the entire embedded cloud must have a thorough security concept.

Kontron together with its partners Ennoconn and S&T covers the whole range of products and requirements. From the embedded computer systems on the factory floor right up to the cloud servers of the IT world. With its current product range, Kontron is already well equipped for the embedded cloud.

When planning industrial 4.0 architectures, however, customers have expressed the clear need for an integrated, scalable and networked solution: the embedded server. Kontron is working on an implementation of this concept that combines the computing and storage capacity of cloud servers (300+ cores and a storage capacity of 100+ TB) with the robustness of industrial servers (extended temperature range, shock and vibration resistance). At embedded world Kontron showcase its first embedded server prototypes.

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