Mouser partners with Renesas to reach global IoT marketplaces

Mouser Electronics announced a new global distribution partnership with Renesas Electronics Corporation, a leading supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions. Launching the relationship at Embedded World, Mouser and Renesas will focus availability on the latest software, development kits, and microcontrollers that comprise the groundbreaking Renesas Synergy Platform. The Synergy Platform is designed to remove obstacles for design engineers and speed time to market for Internet of Things, industrial, and real-time operating system-based applications.

The Synergy Platform provides developers with immediate access to a complete embedded platform, starting with an application programming interface to leverage a full software framework that is built around the best-in-class Express Logic X-Ware. This software framework, the Synergy Software Package, relieves developers from creating and maintaining low-level software repeatedly for each of their embedded projects. The platform also integrates a wide range of scalable ARM Cortex-M based MCUs fully accessible through the software APIs, powerful features of the industry-leading development toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench with intuitive configuration assistance, and hardware kits for development and solutions. Since everything has been pre-integrated, tested, and maintained by Renesas, developers can save months of work and extensive investment, freeing them to focus on innovation and differentiation of their end-products.

The Synergy MCU family at Mouser includes four different series of software-, architecture-, and pin-compatible devices. The series are tiered, starting at the high-performance S7 Series with devices operating at 240 MHz, followed by the high-integration S5 Series operating at 120 MHz, the high-efficiency S3 Series at 48 MHz, and the ultra-low-power S1 Series at 32 MHz. These devices implement easy connectivity, rock-sold security, and dependable safety, and facilitate the creation of easy-to-use human-machine interfaces. 

Mouser offers a selection of intuitive Synergy Kits based on S7G2 Group MCUs to simplify embedded software development. The SK-S7G2 Starter Kit provides a low-cost entry point into the entire Synergy Platform with a touch-enabled color QVGA TFT display. Next, the DK-S7G2 development kit provides full access to all MCU pins and features for deeper evaluation and development. Finally, the PE-HMI1 Product Example kit provides a connected HMI panel with 7-inch WVGA color display plus high-speed wired and wireless communications to serve as a baseline for end-product development.

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